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Specifiers and contractors benefit from more than 50 years of Kaliko’s experience in producing single ply membranes for the construction industry, sold throughout the world our membranes are known for their quality, their innovation and their long life. Roofs waterproofed with Kaliko PVC membranes in the 1960's are still performing to this day, over 50 years since they were installed.


Since the very beginning of PVC production the Kaliko name has been at the forefront of membrane development; introducing glass and polyester reinforcement, removing heavy metals from the formulation making recycling a reality, designing UV and Infra red reflective membranes for the military, special heat and cold resistant membranes, bitumen resistant and chemical resistant membranes for rail and road bridges and spill containment, always improving, always innovating.


Kaliko roofing membranes and systems have far exceeded the 20 year life expectancy suggested in our original Agrement Certificate 89/2134 and they continue to exceed even our high expectations, our original UK roofs were installed over 50 years ago and they are still performing well.


The Kaliko Flex-Fix system, developed in the 1960’s is the original Green Roofing system making use of finished membrane that doesn’t meet our quality control standards for the production of 180mm dia. Flex-Fix discs, the heart of our own Flex-Fix mechanical fixing system. Not just the first Green Roofing System, Kaliko membranes were first used on garden roofs in the 1970's, on rail bridges in the 1980's, the first heat reflective long life roofing (todays fashionable 'Cool roofs') in the 1990's and more recently Kaliko Multiplan membranes, suitable for installation by every single ply installer, no matter if they use hot air or solvent  welding techniques, and no matter which fixing system they are familiar with. Every installer who carries a certificate, no matter which manufacturer carried out the training, can use Kaliko Multiplan membranes and fix them in the way that they are familiar with.



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