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Features and Benefits


With over 50 years of history with PVC products, Kaliko  have the knowledge and experience required to produce

membranes of the highest quality offering exceptional long life cycle performance, reducing the impacts associated

with environmental landfill and whole life cost expenditure.



Kaliko Multiplan PVC is available in grey and anthracite colours as standard, enabling the roof to blend seamlessly into a built up area, or to match other construction materials. The range also brings significant design freedom, giving architects the opportunity to create highly distinctive buildings or to sympathetically renovate existing roofs. The pigments used to colour the upper layer of the Multiplan membrane guarantee colour fastness, UV protection, and resistance to ageing. Other colours are available to special order. If you want the colours to last for an even longer time, then there are also the Multiplan LA (lacquered) membranes. With this lacquered feature the lifetime of the roof will be extended. The lasting colours will bring added value to the building. Aside from the lacquered membranes, there are also special embossed membranes available. Together with Multiplan’s special accessories, the Multiplan membranes give a distinctive appearance to your building.


Environmental Responsibility

The Kaliko Group are committed to the integration of environmentally considerate activities across all aspects

of business therefore all Kaliko manufacturing sites adopt environmental practices and procedures and many manage and control their performance through the ISO 14001 environmental management system. One of the main environmental benefits associated with PVC is its versatility and ability to re-use waste matter generated during the production process. Waste from membrane cutting, colour changes etc. can be recycled into re-usable material or returned to the manufacturing process, where it can be used to create further membrane or other PVC products. Kaliko producers are members of RoofCollect, the European solution for collecting and recycling PVC roofing materials.



As a world leaders in the manufacture of waterproofing membranes, our producers pride themselves on providing the most comprehensive guarantees available in the flat roof waterproofing industry.


Secure Welding

Multiplan is a thermoplastic membrane. As a result, overlapping sheets can be welded together to form a homogeneous lap using chemical welding or hot air equipment (eg. THF Solvent, manual hot air welders or automatic welding equipment).