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Methods of Application

With today’s construction trends of highly intricate and complex structures and the requirement for higher thermal insulation values, only membranes which aspire to the highest quality standards and possess unquestionable technical properties, will be considered in the design process. The versatility of the Kaliko Multiplan range ensures the designer total freedom and security when specifying the roof waterproofing system.

methods of application

Mechanically Fastened System


Mechanically fixed systems are often favoured above timber or metal decks where the exposure of the fastener on the underside of the structure is not a consideration. This method of application involves the use of fasteners fixed at pre-determined centres and is a fast and cost effective method of installing the single ply membrane which is less dependent upon amicable weather conditions.

Partly or Fully Adhered System


Adhered systems are more commonly used above concrete substrates where the process of installing mechanical fixings is invasive and labour intensive. Adhered systems are reliant upon suitable weather conditions (which should be considered). However, complex geometries and pitched surfaces can be accommodated with great success. Adhered membranes can

also provide a superior surface finish.

Inverted Ballasted Roof System


Inverted roof systems offer an excellent solution for situations where access or recreation are a priority. Ballasted systems also provide maximum resistance against membrane damage, UV degradation, thermal shock, fire or noise.

Warm Ballasted Roof System


The Multiplan GVu membrane is loose-Iaid and welded together at the overlaps prior to the application of the ballast which holds the membrane in place. This method offers maximum restraint to wind uplift and fast application times, while providing protection from mechanical and solar/UV damage.

Green Roof System


The use of a Green Roof system adds another dimension to a Multiplan roof. In ballasted or inverted build ups the green roof will act as the ballast to secure the system. Additional ballast may be required around perimeters depending on wind loadings.

Mechanically Fastened Partly or fully adhered Inverted Ballasted Warm Ballasted Green Roof